This bone-carrying speaker is five times more powerful than a smartphone speaker. And it's only $ 26.95

This bone carrying speaker is five times more powerful than a.jpegsignature1338baa0ff0be760f1dd7db252c6b825

TLDR: This pocket-sized disc delivers stunning audio through its bone-carrying technology, turning almost any surface into a beefy extender.

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are fine when headphones are fitted to you. But many of these devices are not created with powerful (and too expensive) external speakers for easy listening without the use of headphones. Even at the highest level, it may be enough to satisfy anyone within a 5 - foot radius as a temporary hearing aid… but it certainly does not deliver true audio or range fidelity.

Instead of going around large portable Bluetooth speakers to handle those kinds of listening situations, a small flexible trooper like the HumBird Speaker ($ 26.95, 39 percent off, from TNW Deals) to be a less tedious, and far more effective alternative.

By its tiny name, the HumBird is the smallest and most versatile bone marrow transducer in the world. The small metal disc barely measures more than 1.5 inches, but its sound is incredibly powerful due to its bone-carrying technology. Instead of packing a huge collection of woofers and tweeters, the HumBird lets you use the natural sound of almost anything around you to get the loud sound out of this little powerhouse.

Just connect the speaker to your device via Bluetooth, then place the Humbird on almost any surface, from a wooden board to a plastic storage rack to even something very unusual such as a cardboard box or a guitar or ball- basket. The HumBird will then use its bone-carrying powers to turn those materials into speakers, naturally enhancing your music, podcasts, or even phone conversations up to 115dB. That’s nearly 5 times higher than the average machine speaker.

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The speaker even picks up some of the natural features of the object it uses for expansion. The HumBird on wood offers a thick, natural sound, while glass creates a clear, resonant sound. At the same time, paper produces a sound that is no different from what you hear from an old vinyl record. Different materials meet different vibrations at different frequencies, allowing users to craft their own unique audio experience.

The device can even connect to a second HumBird speaker for stereo surround sound effects, while this battery can provide up to 3 hours of continuous playback.

The HumBird bone carrier speaker usually sells for $ 44, but as part of this offer, it is now on sale for nearly 40 percent off it, down to just $ 26.95 for the duration of this offer. It is available in silver, Red, and black editions, or in two packs with money, Red, and black tandems sell for just $ 44.95.

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