This cybersecurity certificate prep bundle is just $ 34

1640629323 This cybersecurity certificate prep bundle is just 34


Cybersecurity is fundamental to any IT career. And as public and private organizations become more aware of the risks, cybersecurity will shift to the middle of IT careers. The Cyber ​​& IT Security Training Bundle A to Z is designed to help anyone in IT, or who wants to start an IT career, establish a foundation in operational cybersecurity, or to hone their skills. strengthen.

Each of these twelve courses is taught by Mohamed Atef, a leading guidance tester who is also a certified instructor. With over 20 years of experience, Atef builds each course around the theory and concepts before applying them to real software and examples.

They are all self-paced and broken up into five to fifteen minute speeches each allowing you to learn whenever you have a minute. All you have to do is access the internet.

If you are new to white hockey, the pack starts with a “start-up” course that explores the basics of instructional testing and digital security. There are similar courses in finding benefits, developing and using an ethical analysis tool, and SQL injection, all with usage difficulties to build and update your skills.

The package then includes what is required for certificates, from basic certificates such as the CompTIA Security + certificate to larger certificates including cloud computing, network protection, and more. Each course is designed to help you pass the exam on your first attempt, but can also be uplifting if you want to strengthen your skills or gain a better understanding of the exam in general. Certification is a great way to advance your IT career, and this package will help you move up the ladder with an education that fits your needs.

Get Cyber ​​Security & IT A to Z Certified Training Bundle today for just $ 33.99 when using promo code MERRY15.

Prices are subject to change.

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