This pop-up cabin is a big step up above that small, narrow tent.

This pop up cabin is a big step up above that.jpegsignature005e89f0a2045ea2f3312f64ee451504

TLDR: The Caber Pop-up Carsule attaches to your vehicle to make it a comfortable and spacious outdoor living room.

Camping outdoors, setting up a tent and sleeping outdoors is a country charm. But be honest ... if you could sleep and enjoy the convenience of your own personal cabinet instead of that tent, you would ditch those tents in a heartbeat.

Assuming you don't have the facilities to build a personal cabin anywhere you would like to camp for the night, the Caban Pop-up Carsule ($ 299.99, 20 percent off, from TNW Deals) the next best thing, turning a vehicle into a portable outdoor living room for sleeping and relaxing in comfort.

Successfully funded through Kickstarter, the Carsule packs down to less than 3 feet across for easy transport, then hits right on the rear sled of many cars, SUVs, minivans, and more for easy positioning anywhere. Once fully visible in less than 5 minutes, the Carsule is like attaching a 6-square-foot chamber to the rear of your vehicle.

Using the tailgate and a little aluminum foil for support, this comfortable, waterproof living space is large enough to sleep up to four or high and spacious enough to stand, set a table, eat, read, or even works almost anywhere you can park your vehicle.

While tents are confined and confined, the Carsule employs mesh siding and large windows so you can always enjoy the view while air circulates easily through the gap. With flooring with a thick waterproof feel, integrated mosquito netting, UV protective coating, and other features, it is a complete step away from the bare necessities of a small tent.

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The Carsule is modular, so it can be combined with other Carsule units to create even larger spaces. With a Guy rope attached, the Carsule is even strong enough to stand alone with a vehicle or to withstand strong winds.

Currently, the Carsule Pop-Up Cabin is available at $ 80 off its regular price, down to just $ 299.99.

Prices to be adjusted

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