This pre-Black Friday sale can help you take a look at the look of your old Apple Watch

This pre Black Friday sale can help you take a look.jpegsignature52beb46b15ac507c1a6e8905dd2df752

TLDR: With earthy sandalwood accents and walnut accent, this classic Apple Watch band can offer a class update for your tech.

Everyone loves the Apple Watch. You have to admit, the convenience of all those amenities that are tied to your wrists all day is pretty much alcohol.

While it's nice to get into that information anytime, it's a game changer, which is not as surprising as the beauty of the Apple Watch. Well, if you are not down for the usual totalitarian tech routine, of course. With permission, the company has taken steps to improve the appearance of the Apple Watch in the last few years, however, the recent set of Apple Watch against an old festival from the past decades is still largely judging by apples and oranges. They are different animals.

However, style still counts. So to bring a taste of old school class to new school technology, update your Apple Watch with something like a Wooden Apple Watch Classic Band ($ 98.59 after code SAVE15NOV from TNW Deals) is a cool, engaging way to step away from the crowd.

These 42 and 44mm bands will instantly add credence to your look thanks to one key feature: wood. Each band is cured from 100 percent natural sandalwood or walnut, a deep, deep look and feel that offers instant character to any tech piece. Compatible with all Apple Watch series models, this band gives you a fresh look.

In addition to the metal fasteners used for the strap connection, which are easy to install and do not fall off, this band also comes with removable ties so it is fully customizable. to fit the sizes of the wrist.

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In addition, not only from environmentally sustainable materials, the makers of the band TruWood have pledged to plant 10 trees for each of their watch bands sold. .

You can order this watch band in sandalwood or walnut varieties. At the same time, each look also comes in four different classic styles, including black, gold and silver overtones, as well as an elegant rose gold look. Each one comes in either 38mm / 40mm or 42mm / 44mm versions.

At a regular price of $ 129, not only are these classic Apple Watch Wooden Bands on sale, but pre - Friday customers can get an extra 15 percent off when they enter the SAVE15NOV codeword at payment time. That reduces the final cost of this gotta-have-it Apple Watch accessory by under $ 100 - just $ 98.59.

Prices are subject to change

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