This white audio device contains 30 audios. Get it for an extra 20% off now

1640621961 This white audio device contains 30 audios Get it for


We live in an increasingly noisy world, and it can interfere with our sleep, study, recreation, and peace of mind. White noise can help us to relax, breaking down the noise pollution around us.

A white sound machine can also incorporate nature sounds anywhere, and the Letsfit builds on that with 30 different sounds and portable designs.

Available in white, black and wood, the Letsfit has a round shape. It is less than five inches high by four inches wide and weighs less than a pound, and even works out of any normal space with the built-in adapter -into. High-fidelity speakers are built into the top of the device, with a grille friction switch and full-touch buttons that are backed up for easy use at night. It also includes a mini-jack for headphones for privacy.

Loaded on the device are 30 audio recordings recorded in nature, including tides, campfires, and showers, as well as other white sounds such as box fans. Equivalence tools and volume controls allow you to set your audio environment to your liking and change quickly. You can also save settings with the touch of a button. The timer mode offers multiple upgrades, so it shuts off after you fall asleep.

In addition to audio, the Letsfit L3 features a night light with a ring of LEDs in the bottom offering magenta, green, red, yellow, blue and pink. You can adjust the intensity of the LED ring with a few taps.

So get a better night's sleep. Currently, you can get the Letsfit T3 White Noise Machine with 30 Soundtracks for $ 23.19 (reg. $ 69) when you use promo code CYBER20 at checkout.

Prices are subject to change.

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