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TikTok moderator sues over mental trauma caused by graphic videos

TikTok moderator has sued the social media platform and its parent ByteDance over trauma caused by graphic videos, Bloomberg reported. In a proposed class action lawsuit, moderator Candie Frazier said she has posted videos showing violence, school shooting, a fatal fall and even cannibalism. "Plaintiff has trouble sleeping and when she sleeps she has a terrible nightmare," the lawsuit says.

Tightening up the problem, TikTok apparently urges 12-hour shift controllers to operate with just one-hour lunch and two 15-minute breaks. "Due to the content, content moderators are not allowed to watch more than 25 seconds per video, while watching three to ten videos at a time," the complaint said.

Plaintiff has trouble sleeping and while she is asleep, she has a terrible nightmare.

Along with other social media companies including Facebook and YouTube, TikTok has developed guidelines to help regulators deal with child abuse and other traumatic images. Recommendations include companies limiting moderator movements to four hours and providing psychological support. However, TikTok does not appear to have succeeded in enforcing these instructions, according to a lawsuit.

Content moderators are exposed to graphic and traumatic images that appear on social media, ensuring that users do not have to experience them. One company that provides content moderators to large tech companies even in the form of a license recognized that the work can cause post - traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, social media companies have been criticized by their mods and others for not paying enough because of the psychological risks, and for not providing enough mental health support. A similar lawsuit was filed against Facebook in 2022.

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Frazier hopes to represent other Tiktok screens in an action-class suit, and is seeking compensation for psychological injuries and a court order for medical funds for regulators.

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