Top 19 Gadgets from CES 2022 that you can buy right now

1641632792 Top 19 Gadgets from CES 2022 that you can buy

If you have been Keeping up with CES 2022, it looks like you have already added several tools to your wish list. There's a lot that won't be ready until the second half of the year - some may never see the light of day - but don't worry! We have compiled our favorite CES tools that are already available for purchase or pre-order. We're talking about earbuds, smartwatches, projectors, and a snow bike. Here are the things you can add to your card right now.

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Home Routers, Sex Tech, and Wi-Fi

Smarty Pear Leo's Loo Too

Photo: Smarty Pear

Veterinarians say automatic litter bins, while convenient, make it difficult for owners to keep tabs on cat's bathroom trips - which can be useful for identifying any ailments. The Leo’s Loo Too solves this with a built-in sensor that monitors how often your cat goes, along with its weight, and syncs the data to a companion app on your phone. It comes with additional features such as UV sterilization and radar to keep the box from self-cleaning while your cat is nearby.

This tool gives a new meaning to "bird watching." Not only does this cute little home feed birds, but its battery-powered camera offers live feeds through the attached app. If that's not appealing enough, it's take pictures of these birds, identify the species, and reveal a ton of facts about each one. It will not launch for a while, but you can place your order now.

Do you need an extra layer of security at home? The new Glass Break Sensor at Ring will detect attempts to break through glass windows and doors from up to 25 feet away. You will need an Alarm Ring or Alarm Pro Ring to use it, and you can adjust the sensor to trigger a horn when it detects broken glass. It is currently available for pre-order in a single package for $ 40 or two packages for $ 70. (Note: WIRED has made extensive coverage of Ring Doorbells regarding security, surveillance, and police partnerships.)

Samsung freestyle projector free

Photo: Samsung

A projector is not the type of device you would keep on your person all the time, but Samsung wanting to be. Its Freestyle projector is built for portability - just plug it into your laptop via the USB-C or HDMI ports (or cast via Android / iOS) and point it at any surface. With a 1080p resolution, a 360-degree speaker, and a screen between 30 and 100 inches, this thing is small but powerful. It's also available on Amazon.

TCL says there is a high demand for larger screens. That's why it's releasing a massive 98 - inch model of the cool Class XL TV for a cool $ 8,000 - yes, you read that correctly. This version runs Google TV and has a QLED panel. TCL also announced that their 2022 TV models will come with the option of either Android TV or Roku OS. The Class XL is already out of stock, but check back in case that changes.

If you want to upgrade your theater projector, check out the PX1-Pro from Hisense. Its image diameter is between 90 and 120 inches, 4K resolution, and 60-Hz refresh rate for gaming. It also runs Android TV, so you have access to Google Assistant and several streaming apps to choose from.

NetGear Routers Orbi Pro

Photo: Netgear

They’re expensive, but NetGear’s Orbi Quad-band Mesh WiFi 6E Router System is perfect for those with very large homes. It has support for the latest 6E Wi-Fi and combined speeds of 10.8 Gbps for up to 9,000 square feet.

Dame’s Com Magic Wand is a vibrator that packs the company’s strongest motor yet and features five different settings and intense patterns to choose from. Its design allows for a flexible neck and a curved leg, making it easier to find the right angle and grip. It is made of medical grade silicone and comes in two colors: periwinkle and quartz.

Smartwatches, Earbuds, and other technology

Skagen Falster Gen 6

Photo: Fossils

It's been two years since Skagen released a new version of its Falster smart watch. The new model has a 42-mm case and offers a number of different colors and styles to choose from (including the silver and espresso leather combo shown above). It runs Google's Wear OS operating system with Qualcomm's latest Wear 4100+ processor to give you more efficient battery life, better performance, and better health detection. Its interiors are identical to the Fossil Gen 6 we tested last year, and you can read more about it in our Best Smartwatches guide. The new Wear OS 3 update is expected to be released later this year.

Garmin has expanded their Venu smartwatch line with the Venu 2 Plus. You can now use it to take calls on both iOS and Android, as well as talk to your favorite voice assistant (Siri, Google Assistant, or Bixby) via built-in microphone. The 43-mm case comes in gray, black and gold powder (all stainless steel with matching silicone watch band).

Those who do not want to spend nearly $ 500 on Garmin can opt for the much more affordable Vivomove Sport Hybrid instead. Unlike the Venu 2 Plus, this one is similar to a traditional analog watch. But it can still monitor your basic fitness workstations - by measuring blood oxygen.

Jlab Go Air Tones

Photo: JLab

Aren’t you fond of colorful headphones? JLab’s Snag Go Air Tones, which come in a wide range of skin tones and are designed to fit your ears. For just $ 20, these are not top - of - the - line buds, but they offer IPX4 sweat resistance and eight hours of battery life (according to JBL).

Smart Pepper Spray may look weird, but it could be a feature you never knew you wanted. Once connected to the app, it will notify your emergency contacts with your exact location when you spray it. Even when you do not want to use the canister right away, you can still use the app to send your location to family or friends so that they can follow you until you indicate that you are safe.

Previously on the AeroPex line, Shockz's OpenRun Pro headphones pack the company's bone-moving technology that shakes the bones in your head through sonic waves - sending audio directly to the ear. inside you. That way, you can still hear the sound of the environment around you while you listen to music. Other features include IP55 water resistance, up to one and a half hours of battery life after a five minute charge, and 10 hours of total battery life.

Chipolo card place

Photo: Chipolo

If you are like me, you are likely to miss your wallet very much. Chipolo's Card Spot is here to help. It's shaped like a credit card, and you can simply slide it into your wallet to find it. It supports Apple's Find My network, so if you are an Apple user and you lose your wallet, you can find it using Find My on your Apple device. Android owners need to look elsewhere.

If most of your devices have USB-C ports, the USB4 Plugable Hub will be a great addition to your home workstation. With three USB4 / Thunderbolt 4 ports and a 10 gigabit-per-second USB-A port, you can use it to charge your devices and install various displays and other utilities.

Equipped with a new AI-powered autonomous flight system called KeyFrame, the Skydio 2+ is going to help you capture smoother video images while managing complex flight patterns. You can choose from a variety of configurations, including the Starter Kit, Sports Kit, Pro Kit, and Cinema Kit, which add features such as MicroSD cards, a hard case, and a cheerleader.

Electric Vehicles

Moon bike

Photo: NIELS SAINT-VITEUX / Moonbike

You do not have a Moonbike normal ebike - the front wheel has been replaced by a single ski, and the rear wheel is replaced by an electric motor powered snowmobile. That way, you can ride it freely through the snow. At nearly 200 pounds, the Moonbike can go up to 26 miles per hour, but you only get about an hour of battery life. Those who can afford it can now reserve their moon bike, which will be launched later this month.

In the market for electric lift truck? You may want to wait for Chevy’s 2024 Silverado EV. It offers 400 miles of range at full charge (higher than the standard 230 mile speed of a Ford F-150 Lightning EV) and comes with a GM two-stage autonomous driving mode, known as Super Cruise . Currently available for pre-order, it offers a choice between two trim levels: the RST First Edition for $ 105,000 and the WT for $ 39,900 less intensive. You can reserve it now, but it will not be delivered until fall 2023 and summer 2024, respectively.

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