Top 3 Vendors in Learning and Development

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BenchPrep, GoSkills, and TalentLMS appeal to the needs of market leaders, Aragon Research found.

With people forced to work from home because of the novel coronavirus, organizations are taking the opportunity to promote online training and learning. To shed light on helpful learning resources, Aragon Research released a report outlining three hot sellers in learning for 2022.

The coronavirus has taken a huge toll on the campaign, resulting in leave, layoffs, and freezing employment. Last week, 2.4 million Americans filed for unemployment, bringing the majority to 38.6 million since the beginning of COVID-19 shelter orders, the Washington Post reported.

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Training and certification have always been a way for employees to add credibility and value to their jobs - an approach that is even more critical with organizations making big job cuts. As a result, e-Learning enterprise has grown significantly since the inception of COVID-19.

“During COVID, you still need training. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. He's even more at the top of his mind right now than ever before, "said the founder and CEO of Aragon Research, author of the report." Microsoft had their Build conference this week, and They spend a lot of time talking about how important it is for developers to learn these new tools. "

Learning is valuable for staff and organizations, Lundy noted.

“If you look at the best performing companies like Microsoft or Google, [they] the two who submitted them have their own learning platforms, "Lundy said." It's a feature of high - performing companies. "

While off - the - shelf content, or training catalogs, are very popular, they tend to be a bit generic. Custom content for organizations is becoming more important as employees want to learn more specific skills, the report found.

After analyzing the learning and development (L&D) market, the report concluded three hot sellers in learning that cater to the needs of today’s workforce.


    Hot sellers in learning

    1. BenchPrep

    BenchPrep is a provider of immersive learning management system (LMS) that focuses on current learning experience, according to the report.

    What BenchPrep has found on this list is its emphasis on "enabling credentials and mastery to ensure high performance," as the report stated. The program allows organizations to define personalized pathways that better suit staff learning styles.

    "They've been great at helping both companies and societies build a master's degree," said Lundy. conclude with a degree or certificate.

    2. GoSkills

    GoSkills landed on this list because of its elegant off-the-shelf content, Lundy said.

    These courses are offered as a "bite size lesson" for quick consumption. It is also optimized for mobile use, making distance learning easy. The platform can track learning across individuals and teams, listing the number of courses completed, exams taken, qualifications earned, and completion time, depending on the report.

    GoSkills also has a social learning tool that allows users to track each other's progress, the report said. The platform is ideal for enterprises seeking a strong set of off-the-shelf course offerings.

    3. TàlantLMS

    TalentLMS provides LMS through gamification, learning pathways, and certifications, Lundy said.

    What TalentLMS deserves for this list is its innovative approach and its ability on the white label platform to brand it for the corporate university of the enterprise. Initiatives looking for a more focused approach to learning will want this platform, according to the report.

    The platform also has a course market place for companies, making it a one - stop shop for organizations looking for a complete learning and training solution.

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