Top 5 Tips for Working Safely from Home

1641912509 Top 5 Tips for Working Safely from Home

As work from home becomes more common for technical workers, it is important to ensure that security measures are in place. Tom Merritt offers five security tips for home workers.

You may enjoy working from home, or you may have been pushed into it but, at least, you do not want to be a security vulnerability that the home provides. down. Your IT department is on, but there are some things you can do as well. Here are five tips for working safely from home.

  1. Use the tools your company has given you. Most workstations have most of the security measures you need in place - if you can stick to those, you will be much more secure. Oh, and don't let people borrow those.
  2. Passwords and the second factors. You should have all the tools and accounts, work or personal, if possible. Use a password manager to make those passwords long and complex. Get YubiKey for that second factor where you can either app like Authy or at least (if that's all that's offered). But turn to that second factor.
  3. Encrypt. Your driver and your connection. If for some reason your driver is not encrypted, do so - now. And use a VPN, even at home as your family devices may not be 100% secure. If your workplace does not offer a VPN, tell them they should, then pay for a well - screened VPN that does not have a login policy.
  4. Lock down your browser. Before you start working on sensitive work issues, lay down your extensions exactly the ones you need and are sure you can trust. And look for reliable, well-researched extensions that protect security.
  5. Keep your devices safe. Lock your doors, do not leave appliances in your car, and turn on "find my device" features.
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Security is always a game to get as close to a zero break opportunity as possible, and these practices should help.

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