Top 5 Ways to Make Video Conferencing Safer

1641656655 Top 5 Ways to Make Video Conferencing Safer

Password protection, user authentication, and software lock are several ways you can keep video conferencing secure. Tom Merritt suggests five things to do to make video conferencing safer.

Video conferencing became very popular during coronavirus locking and so was security issues with video conferencing. Of course, the companies that make the product have to deal with many security issues, but here are five things you can do to keep your video meetings safer.

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  1. Password protection meetings. If your favorite video conferencing device allows, use this option to ensure that random people do not move in. As weird as it may seem, don't keep using the same password for every meeting - just in case.
  2. Verify users. Invite only those who need to be in the meeting. Get everyone who wants to enter the meeting to sign up. If there is an option for lobbying or a waiting room, use that to make sure the people in attendance are the people you want.
  3. Turn off screen sharing. You can turn it on yourself, or your individual who needs it, but retain that power if you can. Unless for some other reason it keeps people from unknowingly sharing something.
  4. No file sharing. There are lots of ways to share files - don't use your video conferencing for one. It may look convenient but it's just safer to keep the action off, if possible.
  5. Stay calm. Update your version of the software and make sure that everyone who participates in your meetings is up to date as well.
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Not all of these apply to every device or situation obviously, but they are general principles for keeping anyone out of your meeting who should not be. Your appointment is long enough without you having to deal with that. Plus, if something goes wrong, you know what that means - another meeting to discuss it.


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