Twitter permanently bans Marjorie Taylor Greene personal account

twitter permanently bans marjorie taylor greene personal account

Twitter is not refusing to ban more prominent U.S. politicians. Mar The New York Times reports, the social network has personally blocked the personal account of Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene following the fifth "strike" for leaking false COVID-19 information. Her official account still active as of this writing as it did not run out of Twitter rules.

It is unclear what immediately lifted the ban. Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosborough said only that the company had "made it clear" that it would issue permanent charges for "repeated breaches" of its COVID-19 misinformation policy.

Greene had opposed a growing series of bans on her erroneous claims. She falsely said in July that COVID-19 was not dangerous unless you were over 65 or obese, and in August incorrectly administered vaccines "failed" against the new version of the coronavirus' Delta. Follow the individual positions to a 12-hour and one-week stop.

In a recitation, Greene, said tech companies and Democrats can't "stop the truth" and accused Twitter of eternity in dealing with Democrats, calling Twitter "an enemy of America." However, she did not indicate any intention to challenge the ban and simply said "we do not need them."

The crack comes just less than a year after Twitter permanently banned former President Trump, and reveals a less forgiving view of the social media giant towards -politics in the past year - is willing to ban officers for violations rather than enforcing warning leaflets and otherwise direct action. And while blockbuster targets like Trump can start their own social networks or jump to alternatives, there is little doubt that they will lose some online influence by getting a kick out of mainstream platforms.

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