Uhh, Donald Trump is launching a social network called… Truth

Uhh Donald Trump is launching a social network called… Truth.jpgsignature05e25486d6130d449a34d201df2b2aff

In perfect fun, rumors surfaced of Facebook renaming itself, Donald Trump has launched a new social network called Truth. That is a bold choice, given that Trump has been accused of making more than his fair share of false statements over the years.

The Trump team said the new social network will be a "competitor" to the liberal media coalition and fight back against 'Big Tech' companies in Silicon Valley. ” As we have never heard of that one before. Okay, well, maybe not from the US vice president.

The ex-US The President has set up a new group for this so - called campaign Trump Media and Technology Group. The company is already inviting users to join the waiting list on their website while pre-ordering their app on the App Store.

The app's description states that it is a social network that promotes "an open, free and honest global dialogue without discrimination against political ideology. ” Fortunately for that: as other social media giants have emerged over the years, it's very difficult to reliably evaluate user - generated content and keep things civilized.


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