Verified: Your iPhone is lying to you

1641745785 Verified Your iPhone is lying to you

A few months ago, I posted a link to a video explaining how the iPhone's Battery Health numbers are, well, a waste.

More specifically, the number you see if you go over to it Settings> Battery> Battery Health. That number starts at 100 percent and goes down slowly until it's time to replace your battery.

You'd think the number of seconds would drop steadily, but it doesn't.

And I can prove it.

My iPhone 13 Pro Max is a launch day iPhone (in fact, due to UPS mix, I got it a day late). That means that, from today, I have had 104 days. According to the Internal Battery Cycle Account data (details of how to find out that information here), it's been through 92 recharge cycles.

That’s quite a lot. According to Apple, the battery is estimated to hold 80 percent of its capacity after 500 full charge cycles.

This means my iPhone is nearly 20 percent through those 500 cost cycles.

So what is my battery health? Go on, think. I will wait for you.

Yes, it is 100 percent.

How is that possible? Has the battery somehow violated the laws of physics and not experienced any wear and tear in that time?


If I dig through the analyzes, I can see that the maximum total charge capacity is listed as 4,523mAh (this is probably the first charge), and the lowest total charge capacity is 4,255mAh (is perhaps most recent or recent cost).

That is, right there, consumption. So why isn't iOS reporting on it?

Basically, this "trick" works because the battery level capacity (any battery, not just the iPhone battery) is theoretical. Some go with more ability, some with a lot more. The more capacity exceeds the capacity with a theoretical level, the longer it takes on the counter seconds from 100 percent to 99 percent.

It’s all potluck.

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