Verizon and Dignitas launch 5G esports training facility and new home of League of Legends teams

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Verizon’s Los Angeles 5G Lab is now home to a 5,500-square-foot esports training facility that will also be the headquarters of Dignitas on the west coast and home to League of Legends esports teams.

Verizon and esports company Dignitas have partnered to launch the nation 's first 5G esports training facility, the 5,500-square-foot Verizon 5G Gaming Center at Verizon's 5G Lab in Los Angeles.

The facility will also be the headquarters of Dignitas on the west coast and home to their League of Legends esports teams. The 2022 Dignitas World Championship qualifier team will train exclusively at this facility and compete in the League Championship Series, which starts tomorrow in Los Angeles.

The play center features a single level that can hold 20 people, said Christian Guirnalda, director of Verizon's 5G labs. “It allows players to optimize and refine their strategy with real-time analytics to guide how they make decisions to win the game. which could help with players' health and recovery. "

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Verizon and Dignitas will use the Verizon 5G lab to identify and develop ways in which Verizon's Ultra Wideband 5G network can enhance player performance, enhance resilience, and allow players to connect with fans in innovative ways .
“With 5G speeds, high bandwidth and low latency, players will be able to do things like stream high-quality gaming virtually in real time, stay connected to on-the-go fans, and experience the token quality of advanced multiplayer games tokens. their phones, "Nicki Palmer, Verizon's chief product development officer, said in a press release.

The new feature marks the latest in Verizon's 5G fan connection effort. Fans want to use their mobile phones at games to upload images to social media, broadcast video, and watch instant transplants.

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"We feel that 5G will improve the ability for players to connect with fans through a live streaming game in the studio and on the go," said Gurnnalda. "Fans can stay better connected to their favorite players through new means of communication and interactivity; 5G will allow both amateur and professional players to experience token-quality multiplayer games on their smartphones. "

5G and mobile peripheral computing promise low latency networks for connected devices while improving security, reliability, power efficiency, and data transmission, according to the press release.

“With low 5G latency players can interact in near real-time on social media with fans and stay connected to live streaming so that fans feel closer to the players,” he said. "Think 3D instead of 2D ... think interactive instead of narrow backwards. The community will come together even more with 5G. "

To further enrich the community, "each month we hold a number of events where people in the area can come in and learn from the coaches and players and play on stage," said Gurnnalda. Our philosophy behind the Lab is to engage with the community in a way that an esports group has not done before. We want to educate everyone from young children to university students about 5G and show them how 5G can be a game changer for esports. "

The powerful nature of 5G connection reflects promising business messenger usage issues across industries, including smart cars in cars, connected factories in manufacturing, remote tele surgery in healthcare, more substantial infrastructure in energy companies, and more.


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