Video Games Already Do What the Metaverse Just Promises

Video Games Already Do What the Metaverse Just Promises

Last month, The New York Times write about something that was not very new or interesting: a wedding in the metaverse.

The bride wore a floral crown with a gray button-down skirt suitable for the downtown office. The groom was like Jeff Bezos. At the reception, there were guests and a stage and photo slideshow. Everything was familiar, except the center. Where were they? Apparently, the bride's body clothes were not too out of place. Instead of a church or a hall, their marriage took place in the "metaverse," especially an unknown, low-fi virtual world known as Virbela, a growth of real company eXp World Holdings, which employs each half of the couple.

Let’s be clear about one thing: There is no metaverse. At least not yet. No one really agrees on what a metaverse is, but by bringing out the more convincing definitions together there is a stable social cyber space that intersects with the IRL economy and unites with other online platforms. Right now, nothing is doing this at any particular level. Instead, we have a world or two that is well served Second Lifea handful of popular online multiplayer games such as World of Warcraftand many tech companies saliva over a new way of marking the distribution of digital products and services. And, of course, there is also Virbela and its allies of innumerable strange things, built in the 2005 version of Internet Explorer.

There is an explanatory gristle, of course. Technical companies have realized the benefits of identifying metaverse as growth out of their own products or services. Meta, for example, has concluded that the integration of virtual reality is essential for metaverse; and appropriately, its Horizon Worlds runs on the company’s Oculus Quest headset. The blockchain companies then preach how essential their own coins are to their own cyberspaces. Now, after nearly a year of hype, it has become a little easier to separate meat from metaverse fat. What we are dealing with here is cyberspace - connected, incarnated, and economical. There is still only one problem. Everything that is desirable about this metaverse is like a limited version of the online games that millions have been playing for decades.

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It has been more than 20 years since wedding bells were first introduced Second Life. The Square Enix game developer introduced mechanics for issuing invitations, writing votes, and exchanging rings in 2002. Final Fantasy XI. Outside of wedding, online games already offer the strongest metaverse-related functions - often, with increased graphic fidelity, more complex social systems, and at a level to much better. As professional cyberspace architects and controllers, it is game developers who have articulated and mastered two or three metaverse promising attributes, mostly revolving around social media in a virtual world.

Since 1996, player fur avatars have stood around cybering in MMORPGs FurcadiaThere are 32 meadows. But here we are, more than two decades later, hearing technical officials preach about what digital catgirls were doing at the time. It would be great if it weren't so hard to see these leaders doing it with the same confidence. Mark Zuckerberg 's false field for building future work in Metaverse metaverse reveals an unprecedented prediction of early tech journalists on how, in some future heroic new world, physical culture would moving on. Second Life. There we would, they promised, sail our winged avatars Sonic the Hedgehog to each other's cubicles to talk about the Dow Jones. The school would also be loaded, technologists believed. “Aaron Delwiche, an assistant professor at Trinity University in San Antonio,” reads one article WIRED 2004, “often gathers students in his Games for the Web class in an uncluttered classroom. similar: the so-called metaverse. Second Life. ”

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