Virtual reality fights loneliness, both on Earth and in space

Virtual reality fights loneliness both on Earth and in space.jpgsignaturea8d250dcc3246378a854e1ddf612e141

It will take seven months to get to Mars in an efficient engineering spacecraft, covering a distance of 480 million kilometers. On this trip, a team had to live in a confined space with no opportunity to experience nature or interact with new people. It is easy to imagine how this loneliness could have a profound effect on the well - being and productivity of the crew.

The challenges posed by long-distance alien space travelers to humans are not constant, albeit to a lesser extent. Many Canadians experience loneliness and isolation, at least at times.

Virtual reality can help people experience what it is like to be in space.

The disease of loneliness could be alleviated by a mismatch between space exploration, virtual reality (VR) and the science of self-transgender experiences.

COVID-19 locks have created an environment for the largest isolation study in research history. Home stay orders have stopped us from meeting other people and experiencing nature, which has increased the levels of loneliness and depression.

Feeling lonely and isolated is associated with a wide range of negative consequences for our well-being, physical and mental health. A sense of connection is very important for a happy, healthy and meaningful life.


    Symbolic isolation

    Given the dangers of loneliness, space agencies conduct large-scale simulation studies to study and mitigate these effects. SIRIUS (International Scientific Research in Unparalleled Terrestrial Station) is a series of terrestrial experiments similar to long-range space light.

    It is safer and cheaper to make symbols on land to assess the effects of loneliness on the crew. This will also allow space agencies to test the effectiveness of solutions that could support the physical and mental health of the crew during a long-term space mission, such as a trip to Mars.

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