VW will unveil their ID.Buzz microbus EV production on March 9th

VW will unveil their IDBuzz microbus EV production on March

You will not have to wait much longer to see a very honest production version of ID.Buzz minivan at Volkswagen. The head of VW Group, Herbert Diess to name that his company unveiled the remixed microbus on March 9th. It did not share more than a sketch, but a VW test of a self - driving prototype reveals that the finished van does not miss many of the design cues from the nostalgia - inspired concept.

The ID.Buzz is expected to launch in Europe later in 2022, and reach the shores of America in 2023. You need to 'settle' for the long-wheelbase model with a passenger focus in the US where Europeans get a short and commercial wheelbarrow. models. Europe is also more likely to have a self-driving version. Entry-level models could start with rear-wheel drive models that can deliver up to 200HP, while AWD and 300HP could be in the topper range. You may see up to three battery capacities.

The Buzz may not be as market - friendly as the ID.4 and other more conventional models, but it could still be one of VW's most important EVs. Like the Beetle, the design of the VW minibus remains iconic. The Buzz could be a halo vehicle and the deposit attracts customers to the brand's full EV range, even if they eventually settle for another model.

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