Want Galaxy Z Fold 3? Here's your last look today to save up to $ 1,150

1640098036 Want Galaxy Z Fold 3 Heres your last look today

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For the most part last month, Samsung has offered their high-end price, the Galaxy Z Fold 3, at a huge discount. But all good things must come to an end. If you want to score the best folding phone available without spending close to two grand, this is your best look.

Samsung is selling the Galaxy Z Fold 3 at a $ 250 discount on its site, and throws in a free pair of Galaxy Buds 2 and a free leather cover in the box - $ 230 of free stuff together. More importantly, you can trade in up to two old phones, tablets, or watches in exchange for enhanced trading credit off the phone. With the right tool (s), you can save up to $ 900, bringing the total price down to $ 650.

Open Top Render Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3


    Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

    With the fast-paced Snapdragon 888 backed by 12GB of RAM, a waterproof design, a built-in S Pen, and responsive software that works well in a compact or uncompressed format, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a phone changing game worth buying at this low priced price.

    From $ 650 at Samsung

    What makes this business particularly interesting is that you get an unlocked phone. Most other Z Fold 3 deals come from carriers, who lock you in to buy or upgrade an expensive phone line, while still asking you to trade in an expensive phone to make money to save. Buying directly from Samsung ensures that you can add it no matter what cell phone plan you are currently using.

    As we said before, the last day for Samsung to give this agreement is Monday, December 20th. Before tomorrow, you will not receive the refund, you will have to buy one of the best Z Fold 3 cases yourself, and you may not get as much value for your trading phone.

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    So if you have hardware to spare, now is the time to exchange for something new. Just keep in mind that it is likely to arrive a day or two after Christmas, in case you intend to surprise someone with a very real gift. Most likely, this gift will deserve it.

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