Want to maximize profits from your video game? How zoning develops a sales game

1640167942 Want to maximize profits from your video game How zoning

It’s no secret that the video game industry is making billions of dollars every year in revenue. Developers around the world are creating their video games to see their sufferings come to life, but also to reach into the deep pockets of gamers around the world.

World Video Game Market

With the current state of the world, statistics show that the global video game market is on track to be worth nearly $ 200 billion by the year 2022.

With a worldwide pandemic showing no signs of slowing down, the link with video game sales is not surprising. Indie developers alone account for more than $ 1 billion in sales.

Want to maximize profits from your video game How zoning

However, there is a surprising mistake that many AAA developers make that their expansion into international markets. While area pricing may be the reason why many developers decide not to expand, AAA and indie developers alone should expand their search to find local services at an affordable price. but to find high quality.

Game Cultivation Benefits

If you ever look at the Steam community, forum, or social media pages of games that have not taken advantage of zoning, you will see posts from many abstract fans asking why the developers decided or the publishers against regionalization in their country. Some of the most obvious benefits of zoning include:

  • More sales and sales
  • Putting you ahead of the competition
  • Increasing customer loyalty

Zoning increases sales and popularity

We get the most obvious benefit of zoning out of the way: more revenue. When some think about zoning, they think of just translating a game into the language of the intended place. However, a local game quality service that knows the salt is worth knowing that there is more to area than simple translation.

When local to your target audience you need to consider their language, any legal requirements, as well as any cultural nuances. For example, if you are planning to expand into markets, such as China, there is a lot that you need to make sure it is cut from or modified in your game so that you do not violate their laws and culture .

When you decide to make it local, you become popular overseas. With your video game available for international sales, you are expanding into new customers who will then translate into more sales and revenue.

Localization puts you ahead of the competition

Here's the question many developers and publishers have: zoning has become an afterthought for many. While the rise in sales is obvious, many feel that putting a game to an audience is not worth the time and effort.

Video game developers are trying to push games out every year now that they are releasing games that are pretty much ready with the promise of more content in the future with DLC. Unfortunately for those developers, users are noticing hasty projects pushing out the skeleton of games with no bare content and no local plans.

Developers who apply the effort locally position themselves separately from other companies in the eyes of users, and in the ranking of various gaming platforms and app stores. The more purchases or downloads a game has, the higher it will appear in stores, thus naturally increasing sales and revenue.

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Zoning increases customer loyalty

The video game market is highly competitive, so consumer loyalty to your brand is fundamental. It's hard enough to engage new customers, not to mention turn them on or keep them once you have the attention.

Consumer loyalty is an important part of sales and revenue for a video game, because word of mouth, especially in this age of social media, is one of the strongest marketing tools.

Proof of customer loyalty can be found everywhere from social media websites to Steam community forums. Browsing through some of the great games on Steam with almost no overseas cultivation shows countless threads of players who would like to make the game local for their market.

"I wish I could play this, but the developers didn't mind being local."

“Is there any reason why there is no zoning for my country? There are many here who would like to play. ”

On the flip side, if you explore social media websites, such as Reddit, or Steam community games forums with locally made developers, you get a little brand loyalty.

“This developer has definitely gone the extra mile by bringing the game to my area. ”

Gamers who feel like being heard in a sea of ​​developers who do not listen to the concerns of their fanbase will be the strongest supporters of your game.

The finer points of zoning

Although it has been mentioned previously about translation, there are several key points about game zoning that are important to mention:

  • Religion
  • Humor / Puns
  • Violence
  • Feise
  • Other cultural references

The world is full of different people with different ideologies, cultures and social values. It is important that local services understand all the positives that come with targeting a specific market.

Some marketers may reject games, or even block them, that have sexual or religious references in the audio or visual scenes of the game. Other markets might not want specific scenes of violence if a game was localized there. This will allow developers to make the necessary edits to the game or trust area experts to pay attention to any perspectives that may cause any issues in a particular market.

While violence, sex, and religious content are some of the most dangerous points for hitting on a district, it doesn't have to be fun and games. For example, segmentation can include jokes, puns, and references that would appeal to those at a particular market.

If you are a video game developer or publisher who wants to reap the benefits of segmentation, such as increased sales, revenue, popularity, and customer loyalty, then now's the time to let experts at local service quality game to pay attention to everything.

A great parsing service will ensure that your target audience gets exactly what they want in terms of content and values ​​that will see your game rocket to the top of the charts.

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