We reviewed the iPhone 13 with a series of haikus

We reviewed the iPhone 13 with a series of haikus.jpgsignature71826cf7ef0938255f73265936ceead0

Once a year I am struck by an impossible question: how do you review the new iPhone?

Are you writing for the technical leaders who have all the details? The masses who can only update their phone every few years? Skeptics? Fans? There is simply no right way.

Making this even more difficult is the fact that the machines are now fully mature. This year’s model (the iPhone 13 in case you didn’t get that from the headline) continues with a series of iterative updates that clean up the phone.

In other words, you already know what you will get with a new iPhone: something very familiar that is a little better than before.

The problems with depression are obvious.

But, friends, I am not one to avoid a challenge. So, in the spirit of Not Letting You Down, I would like to review my Apple iPhone 13 review: to introduce you to a series of haikus.

If you want a series of stats about everything that's new, you can find that detail here and here. If you prefer to find a more wordy (and harder) review, you are in luck: there are hundreds of them out there.

Instead, we are on the haiku path.


    Why review the iPhone 13 with haikus?

    Because they just get it

    to the point and they are more fun

    na rosg boring-ass.

    What's new with the design of the iPhone 13?

    Larger camera camera.

    Diagonal lens and

    less information. 'New' colors.