What could you do with the 100,000 Teslas at Hertz? We did the good

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Tesla's deal with car rental giant Hertz has released staggering numbers.

Order 100,000 The Tesla Model 3s is probably the largest ever purchase of electric vehicles. This news raised Tesla's market value in excess of $ 1 trillion on Monday and pumped up Elon Musk's personal wealth by up to $ 36 billion. The tycoon is now worth $ 289 billion. Our thoughts and prayers are with Jeff Bezos at this difficult time.

But those figures are hardly scratching the surface. To understand the true greatness of the contract, you would need a team of mathematical whizzes. Unfortunately, I'm all you have - so strap in, number fans.


    How deep did Elon have to dig into his pockets to buy 100,000 Tesla?

    Elon Musk could buy an eternal selection of crap with his celestial wealth. The mogul would have bought Rolex for everyone in LA or given the world a one - month membership to Netflix, and that was back in March - when it was worth $ 166 billion.


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