What to expect from Apple and Meta's upcoming headphones

What to expect from Apple and Metas upcoming headphones.jpgsignature47e17b6b28ea52c927e222bb97592984

If you are tired of hearing the word 'metaverse', I do not blame you - I am here with you. For now, it's like all conversations and no content. At best, we have seen legless avatars floating around in a virtual meeting room, which is not attractive.

While many of us are struggling to imagine what the metaverse would look like, it is a testament that virtual reality / mixed headsets will play a big part.

There are two big companies that could release a new headset next year, and that finally launched us into the rich experiences that were promised to us years ago: Apple and Meta ( Facebook).

While Meta has been firmly announcing its intentions, Apple has been relatively quiet.

We know a few things about what we can expect from these companies next year. Let them in:



    There is a lot of speculation about what Apple's first attempt at VR / MR hardware will look like. Both Bloomberg's Mark Gurman and renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo have noticed that the company could release the headset next year.

    Many reports have suggested that this headset could be priced at $ 3,000 or more. As such, it may be aimed at game developers and enthusiasts.

    Leo Gebbie, chief analyst at CCS Insights, suggested that Apple is unlikely to move early in the market and release a device that only a few people can access.

    He noted that while Apple has no direct connection to VR, its ARKit API is a testament to the company 's experience in spatial computing. So we should expect rich experiences through a strictly cured App Store.

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