Who owns the $ 6,099 M1 Max MacBook Pro? Twitter knows

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As more people get their hands on the amazing M1 Max MacBook Pro, a question arises: Why?

The device is really expensive and people on Twitter (where else?) Are in arms about it.

Honestly? It is a reasonable concern. T.he made the largest version of the 16-inch The M1 Max will cost you a MacBook Pro $ 6,099, before taxes - with the cheapest M1 Max building crossing the $ 3,000 mark. A lot of interest, but with the new chips and high specs, there's no doubt you can get a bunch of… but who indeed need an animal-friendly device?

Being desperate for a democracy claim, I'm going to let Twitter give us the answers. That, friends, is said to work well.


    Work, work, work, work, work, work

    While many Twitter users respond to our previous point, Apple's new hardware will not transform the way we use laptops - and an 8TB SSD is foolishly too much - there are plenty of people who are ready to defend it.

    So this dude's brother got the maxed - out version - without a doubt. I think we can safely say that every professional writer needs this. And the same thing happens for anyone who does video-intensive work (though most do not specify whether they went for a full 8TB SSD).

    Designers are also well-received, especially those who are against electrical sockets.

    From what I can tell, the M1 Max is for professionals who can prove themselves (and have the potential) to invest in a machine with too much power. However, it also works well as a recruitment tool for ethically broken corporations.

    Sweet, sweet entree

    The M1 Max doesn't have to be just for work though, it can even be used for… game.

    I know of referring to Apple's hardware and game in an infamously offensive context, but hey, just look at that comparison.

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    To be fair, PC performance in that picture may be slightly affected by a recent upgrade to Windows 11, but still, check out those numbers!

    And this is not an isolated case.

    Ultimately though, no matter what good Twitter netizens claim, I think the honest answer to the question is' who needs the expanded M1 Max MacBook Pro -out? 'Yes… anyone, but boy would it be sweet to have.

    So if you have a lot of extra cash and a burning desire for an elegant tech piece, just treat yourself.

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