Why realigning IT contracts could be a calendar

Why realigning IT contracts could be a calendar

Some IT professionals court up to 11 vendor contracts at a time, taking weeks or even months to renegotiate.

Nearly half of IT professionals spend weeks or even months trying to renegotiate their contracts with suppliers while simultaneously courting multiple deals, according to a new report.

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A survey of 1,300 IT professionals by Ivanti found that 35% of respondents spent weeks trying to negotiate terms with vendors each year, while 13% said it was a months-long effort.

At the same time, half of respondents stated that they worked with more than 11 vendors, reflecting just how far and how heavily the management role of IT management has come on IT managers.

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The Ivanti survey highlighted the benefits of using a unified approach to IT. They argued that this could make it easier for organizations to find and manage data across multiple silos, as well as cut down on the number of vendors with whom they need to manage relationships.

David Shepherd, Ivanti district vice president for pre-sale EMEA, explained that businesses often split divisions with different IT islands, in order to break down common goals. However, he said that this approach would sometimes cause them problems if departmental teams had priorities.

“At the heart of this issue, due to their silly nature and different priorities, is that IT agencies rely on a wide list of vendors,” Shepherd told TechRepublic.

“By adopting integrated IT, businesses can ensure that their approach to endpoint management, security and enterprise service management is streamlined. such as plotting, incident resolution and IT reporting. "

To deliver across different IT priorities, businesses are hiring a growing list of vendors: 50% of Ivanti survey respondents said they worked with more than 11 different vendors, while 20% worked with between five and seven, and 16% said they worked. with between eight and 10.

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Naturally, this has a significant impact on contract negotiation time. Less than a fifth (19%) of IT professionals said it would take a few hours each year to negotiate their contracts. That compares with 33% who spend days, 35% who spend weeks and 13% who spend months fighting in this endeavor.

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Needless to say, this means that activity is reported to be overdue for IT professionals. Over a typical month, 52% said they spent hours pulling these together, compared to 20% who said it only took a few minutes.

For 22%, this work took days to complete, with 6% saying they spent weeks doing it - again highlighting the less glamorous side of today's IT management careers.

According to Ivanti, most IT professionals agree that a unified approach to IT can bring a number of benefits, including consistent data across IT systems and departments (characterized by 70% of respondents), improved customer experience (61%), consistent processes and alignment across IT. departments (59%), and cost savings (58%).

Shepherd said by integrating their IT approach, businesses could improve collaboration and communication between departments, and ensure all teams run the same software, systems, and processes.

“This will allow businesses to experience higher productivity and efficiency within their workforce, as will ease of use and customer experience, as well as cost and time savings, as IT professionals do not have to spend so long working on vendor contracts, ”he said. .


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