Wireshark creator joins Sysdig to extend cloud security

1642160467 Wireshark creator joins Sysdig to extend cloud security

If you are a true network administrator, you know and love Wireshark open source. For more than 15 years, it has been a tool used by professionals for network traffic protocol analysis. Nothing else even comes close. Now, Sysdig, the cloud hosting and security company, has hired Gerald Combs, the creator and project director, to join their open source team. There, Combs will assist them with Sysdig - related open source projects such as Falco, Prometheus, eBPF, and Sysdig Inspect. In addition, Sysdig will support and manage the Wireshark community and expand Wireshark to monitor and analyze cloud networks.

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Wireshark is an open source GUI network package capture tool for those who are not yet familiar with Wireshark. With it, you can monitor network traffic, learn protocols and packet basics, and troubleshoot network problems. For network administrators, Wireshark is the de facto standard for monitoring the health and security of networks at the microscopic level. If you want to know more about how to use Wireshark, I highly recommend Chris Sander's
Practical package analysis: Using Wireshark to solve global network problems


As well as being an open source tool for real-time network packet capture and analysis, you can also save its results for later viewing and analysis. With this information, you can filter through that traffic to get evidence of daily network problems and attacks by hackers. Wireshark can be used on almost any platform, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Wireshark is already the largest and most widely used traffic protocol analyzer in the world, even without a company behind it. Over 60 million downloads have been downloaded in the last 5 years.

The big reason Combs is teaming up with Sysdig is that Loris Degioanni, CTO of Sysdig and Founder, is partnering with him to launch Wireshark.

While studying network analysts and working on his Ph.D. in Italy, Loris was invited to the United States to conduct research, which is where he met Gerald. Gerald joined Loris at CACE Technologies in the early 2000s, where they collaborated and grew Wireshark. CACE Technologies was later acquired, and since then, Gerald has focused on growing the device and ensuring that Wireshark and its community have the resources to succeed.

Degioanni said, “Gerald and I have been friends for a long time, starting when Wireshark was named Ethereal. At that time, a capture library that I developed while I was a university student in Italy, WinPcap, was used for Ethereal port to Windows. That was my first contribution to the project. From the beginning, my work at Sysdig has been greatly inspired by the "package capture stack" that Gerald and I helped explain: Wireshark, tcpdump, libpcap, BPF. An instrument as a whole is considered to be the surest, richest and most accessible that we built in addition to the ideas behind that stack, transforming them into a new world of clouds and ships. work. "

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"I am thrilled to be back with Loris and exploring the opportunity to expand Wireshark to the cloud," said Combs, who is now Director of Sysdig Open Source Projects. my move to Sysdig and the subsequent move for Wireshark the physical supporter of Wireshark who needs to keep moving forward.This is an important milestone for Wireshark, and with Sysdig's support, the We need the support we need to keep moving usage cases for Wireshark. "

"It's amazing to see Wireshark's enduring heritage, led by Gerald. I can guarantee that most of the 2000 companies' fortunes will actively use Wireshark," Degioanni said. “I am thrilled to be back with Gerald and take the project forward in the same way that Sysdig supports Falco and the Sysdig open source project. This move ensures that Wireshark continues to innovate. Sysdig's goal is to empower Wireshark. "

Looking ahead, Sysdig will support the Wireshark community, including supporting Gerald as its leader. Together they will ensure that Wireshark has the resources it needs to operate and support SharkFest, its international developer conference. Sysdig's open source team will also be contributing to the Wireshark project. Together again, working together again, Gerald and Loris will explore innovative ways to tackle the challenges of consolidating the cloud.

Degioanni said, Wireshark "opens a universe of possibilities. Wireshark is a very important tool. Its UI is part of the muscle memory of every software professional. Its feature set has saved our bumps countless. At the same time, the world is in. Software today runs in the cloud, powered by Kubernetes, with the help of Gerald, Sysdig wants to invest in making Wireshark even more useful in today's cloud environments, the cornerstone of troubleshooting and security analysis, even when software is stored and running in the cloud. "

Finally, another reason for this move is that they both want to ensure that Wireshark remains a healthy open source project. Log4j and OpenSSL vulnerabilities have shown that large and small organizations rely on open source projects and the discovery of critical vulnerabilities in these devices poses a major problem. Maintaining the health of the project is of paramount importance considering the widespread adoption of Wireshark.

I look forward to seeing what the two friends can do together. I have been a Wireshark user for over ten years. The idea that I will soon be able to use it in native cloud environments is an interesting one. Just as it's made it very easy to solve network problems, I can see that

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