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Withings launches an even softer scale to measure you from

Your bathroom blades have been able to tell you more than your weight for a while, and Withings is one of the leading companies on the upside (since 2009). Today, the company announced its Withings Corp. Scan, which follows the company's claim to be an all - and - all - about brand. In addition to weight, the $ 299 glass slate promises ECG measurement, regional body shape, and zero-track activity.

Because the scale promises an ECG at home, the device must go through a more rigorous FDA approval process. The same lengthy process in the company's ScanWatch - which offers an on - the - fingertip ECG feature - has caused it to hit U.S. shores, in contrast to the European release.

The new Scan Corp adds a few fun new features to the scale that is so familiar from Withings. The product, which features four weight sensors, guarantees body weight accuracy to within 50 grams (or, for a 200-pound person, accuracy to an impressive 0.025%). The machine also has 14 ITO electrodes inside the platform and four stainless steel electrodes in a retractable handle. Together, these sensors collect data for the six-lead ECG and regional body shape analysis.

Scan Corp guarantees daily analysis of data related to health conditions, including heart rate, “visa age,” and the stated ECG measurement. The movement of electrodes means that Body Scan can remove some fun party tricks, including the use of multi-frequency Bioelectrical Barrier Analysis to measure the total volume of the body. Beyond the normal body fat percentage you saw on its old scale, the Body Scan can measure the percentage of water, visceral fat, muscle and bone mass. It also promises to be able to offer more granular readings for individual body parts, including torso, arms and legs.

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Seen in the context of the company's other product offerings, including sub-mattress sleep detectors, smart blood pressure loops, body temperature sensors and the growing line of health fitness sensors , the Scan Corp. is a prominent brand extension.

In addition to the hardware products, Withings is expanding its in-app health coaching. The company enables users to access coaching, clinical and personal nutrition experts, and exercise plans help them reach their health goals. The app also allows users to take a health picture with historical data, which will be especially useful for people who want to take a more active part in their health along with nutritionists, trainers and health professionals.

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