You may be able to have a self-driving car after all

You may be able to have a self driving car after

Unlike Tesla's Autopilot, Volvo says, Ride Pilot will be able to ride on motorways without driver's guidance, which means "you can eat, you can watch a movie, you can read a book" in the background The wheel, according to Martin Kristensson, head of the group, autonomous movement and driving at Volvo Cars. (Strongly advises drivers to resist the urge to take a nap.) The company plans to roll out the feature first in California, where generally pleasant weather makes it easier for tech to work, and where officials hope to get approval from regulators The Swedish automaker has also signed partnerships with Chinese AV developer Didi and US companies Aurora and Waymo to supply vehicles for autonomous equestrian and truck fleets. h.

Personalization - and not sharing - seems to be the name of the game of car making. BMW has visited a color-changing paint (albeit limited to white-gray-black paint) that can allow customers to quickly change the look of their vehicle. Stellantis, Chrysler's parent company, has announced a new partnership with Amazon with the "SmartCockpit" project to "quickly integrate" cars with "customers' digital lives" - that is, share your experience with Alexa. into the drivers seat.

“We are seeing a shift as drivers spend more time in the car and more time driving, whether it is because the car is driving itself or perhaps because that you have parked and are waiting for your EV cost, ”said Kristensson, the Volvo officer. For that reason, the automaker also announced Wednesday that it will begin offering the YouTube app on some car consoles.

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Some of the biggest names in self-driving technology continue to invest in robotaxis. Lyft and automotive vehicle technology developer Motional say they will launch a fully self - driving riding service in Las Vegas next year. Waymo operates a fleet of self-driving SUVs in Phoenix and is testing a similar service in San Francisco. Zoox, which acquired Amazon last year, has previewed a vehicle for shared taxi rides. AV software company Aurora says it will work with Uber and Toyota to run a fleet of AVn. But most of these companies have diversified their money strategies as well, by building software for self-driving truck fleets or autonomous vans.

The changes are significant because the world of personal self - driving cars looks very different than a world with fleets of shared ones. If people can sleep or swim or take meetings or answer emails or listen to speeches in their personal travel pods, they may choose to live even further away from work or school, following to more urban sprawling. Building sprawling homes, workplaces and sales, as opposed to more dense housing, workplaces and sales, could increase emissions and reduce energy efficiency - an unfortunate turn of events as climate change brings us back together.

And yet, the idea of ​​a personal self-driving car is appealing to many. GM thinks so anyway. The automaker's Cadillac brand on Wednesday unveiled its latest concept car, called InnerSpace, a luxury two-passenger electric vehicle that, the company said in a press release, "is reusing as travelers use their time as they travel, providing a place of rest and relief. ” What, of course, leads to the question: Solace and relief to whom?

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