YouTube Music influences users for free by going audio only

YouTube Music influences users for free by going audio only.jpgsignature3d39907504ee67ccffeb8c5147182c3d

YouTube Music is a great alternative to Spotify or Apple Music. Even if you are a paid subscriber for these services, you can use the YouTube Music ad-supported platform for free.

The company is now making a big change in how you can use music on the app. So far, you could listen to the audio or watch the video of a track - even if you are on the series for free.

However, starting on November 3, YouTube is moving video viewing capability to the mainstream. That means if you watch a lot of music videos on the series for free, you have to pay up.

You can still watch those videos by switching to the YouTube app, and if you hate that, the company wants to take advantage of that. Ugh, companies.

If you are a free user, you will be able to listen to background songs, review songs, and shuffle playlists. For other stuff like unlimited teams, music videos, and experience without ads you have to pay for YouTube Premium (CAD $ 11.90 / $ 9.50).

YouTube kicks off this new transformation in Canada with anonymous “global expansion plans. ” It is possible that in price - sensitive markets such as India - which is also YouTube 's largest audience - the company may not implement this plan.

You can read more about this upcoming change here.

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