Zoom arrives on Amazon's favorite Fire TVs just in time for the holidays

Zoom arrives on Amazons favorite Fire TVs just in time

Amazon and Zoom are preparing Fire TV owners for the holidays, thanks to the new Zoom app arriving on Amazon's Omni Series TV.

While Zoom has been made available on the 2nd - gen Fire TV Cube, this is the first time it's available on Amazon Fire TV sets.

To get started with Zoom, you need to download it from the Fire TV Appstore, which you can easily do by calling Alexa through your remote device. After downloading Zoom, you can log in to access and create new meetings, view your contacts, share your screen, and more.

Your calendar can also sync with Alexa for easy access to all upcoming meetings, so you can use the voice assistant to jump into a meeting.

Of course, you will also need a compatible webcam to connect it to your Fire TV. The webcam should be able to record 720p or 1080p video with 60-90 degree view. Amazon recommends Logitech, which makes some of the best webcams for your TV, including the Logitech C920, C922x, or C310.

It should be noted that the Zoom app only outputs audio from the TV speakers, although support for external speakers may come at a later date.

Now that your big screen supports Zoom meetings, it should make the holidays a little better for those who can't travel for family gatherings amid the ever-increasing COVID-19. That way, the whole family doesn't have to sit around a small screen to be part of the fun, and everyone can sit on the screen.

The Fire TV app is available on Omni Series televisions in the US and Canada.

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